Protect your hardware wallet backups in 5 minutes


... and take control of what happens in case of memory loss, accident or death

Seedcret. The first backup management and inheritance service for hardware wallets.


We never ask you for your recovery seed. You control it 100% all the time. If we got hacked, you'd be still safe.
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You don’t need to share personal data, photo ID, or anything else. The only details are your nickname and an email address.
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Even if Seedcret goes offline, your recovery plan will work. We aim to make your plan and backups reliable, thus independent on us.
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Loss and theft

First store your recovery seed in a safe way that even you lose it, or someone steals it, your funds are actually still protected.

Memory loss

Then schedule reminders to check your backups regularly. It will also protect you from forgetting your backups due to the passage of time, disease or accident.

Accident and death

Finally, create an estate/inheritance plan so your close ones can access your digital assets in case of accident or death.

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