Keep Control of Your Hardwallet Backups

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Seedcret is the easiest hardwallet backup and recovery service in the world.


Never share your recovery seed. No one but you will know the key to your backups.
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A nickname and an email. That’s all we ever know.
Be anonymous!


Your recovery works even if Seedcret is offline. You don’t need us to recover your crypto.
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Protect your recovery seed with a passphrase as experts recommend.
Even if you lose your recovery seed, it can’t be opened without the passphrase.

Backup Locator

Never lose another backup!
Seedcret has a backup scenario in case you forget where your backups are.

Recovery Plan

Set up customizable recovery plan so that your loved ones can access your backups when you can’t. It also protects you in case your backups are lost, stolen, or damaged!

A free Seedcret account means peace of mind in minutes!