Contact List

Contact List Template

Keep your contact list stored in a safe place to take record about your trusted contacts and their recovery plans you set up.

Contact list template contains the below details.

Warning: Don’t write down any sensitive data into your template – write down the generic one instead. If you want to include sensitive data, consider encrypting your template


  • Name of your trusted contact


  • Email of your trusted contact


  • The scenario used for this particular trusted contact
  • There are standard and secret scenarios based on whether you decided to inform your trusted contact beforehand or not

Device label

  • Device label is a unique identifier describing your particular hardware wallet
  • It helps you to identify each hardware wallet in case you have multiple different hardware wallets
  • You can choose any label you wish as a device label

Recovery email

Backup handover

  • Whether you handed over your recovery seed offline backup to your trusted contact

Shared place(s)

  • Shared place(s) where you stored your recovery seed offline backup


  • Executor(s) with whom you shared your recovery seed offline backup

Check date

Protect Sensitive Data with Encryption

Be careful with sensitive data and consider encryption of sensitive data.

Once you encrypt your contact list template nobody will be able to read it without knowing your password for decryption (neither you if you lose the password!!).

Read VeraCrypt for sensitive data encryption to learn how to protect your contact list template.

Template Download

Feel free to download the contact list template below.


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