Seedcret + Google Inactive Account Manager = Independence and Reliability

What is Google Inactive Account Manager

According to Google, Google’s Inactive Account Manager is a way for users to share parts of their account data or notify someone if they’ve been inactive for a certain period.

Why Use Google Inactive Account Manager Alongside Seedcret

We don’t want your recovery plan to be dependent on us, and we advise you to never trust another third party with your digital assets – no matter how big and reputable the company is.

Instead, we suggest you use Google Inactive Account Manager alongside Seedcret.

How to Setup Google Account Inactive Manager and How it Works

1. Go to Your Google Account Inactive Manager

To set it up, go to your Inactive Account Manager page and click Start.

2. Set Up Your Waiting Period and Write an Email for Your Trusted Contacts

After you set up your waiting period, write your message for your trusted contacts.

3. You Will Be Notified Before the End of Your Waiting Period

Before the end of your waiting period (and before sending your message to your trusted contacts), Google will notify you by email.

You will also get a notification on your mobile.

4. Google Will Send Your Message to Your Trusted Contacts Once Your Waiting Period is Over

After your waiting period is over, your contact(s) will receive your message from Google.

Google will also send an alert notification to your email.

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