Recovery Process – Step by Step Guide

Step #1: Learn What is the Recovery Process

The recovery process is the steps and actions described below which you need to go through to access digital assets left for you by the user.

You need both passphrase and recovery seed to access the digital assets.

Step #2: Receiving 1st Passphrase Part (First Part Form)

You have already First Part Form in your hands as the user handed over to you previously.

The 1st passphrase part is contained in the form:

Step #3: Receiving 2nd Passphrase Part (Recovery Email)

Once the user’s waiting period is over, we will send you recovery email which user scheduled for you previously.

You can see what is the user’s waiting period length in the First Part Form:

The 2nd passphrase part is contained in the recovery email:

Step #4: Recovery Seed And Hardware Wallet Device

The user either already told you where to find the recovery seed and hardware wallet or they are stored somewhere you’ll be able to find them even without user’s assistance (e.g. family deposit box or a lawyer’s or estate executor’s office).

Optionally, the user can also share more details on where to find both recovery seed and device in a document stored together along with wallet details template.

Step #5: Recovering Wallet Using Recovery Seed

You can skip this step if the hardware wallet device and its PIN are included in the backup.

If not, you have to recover a new wallet device using the recovery seed.

The process of recovering the wallet differs depending on what hardware wallet you have.

In general, you need to enter all the recovery seed words on your hardware wallet device. Be careful to never enter your recovery seed using your computer keyboard!

Learn how you can recover your Trezor wallet.

Step #6: Activating Passphrase on Hardware Wallet

Once you have a hardware wallet ready, you may need to enable the passphrase on it.

See how you can activate passphrase encryption using Trezor wallet.

If you are using a different wallet, visit its official website to learn how you can activate the passphrase on your wallet.

Step #7: Accessing Wallet Account

After you activated passphrase on your hardware wallet, you will be asked to enter a passphrase every time you connect the wallet.

Enter the passphrase from the recovery email to access user’s digital assets.

Step #8: Accessing All The Digital Assets

If the user left also the wallet details template, you’ll be able to see a list of all user’s assets and more details on how to access them.

Step #9: Support Happy to Help

Please see our Knowledge base for any queries.

If you still want to ask a question, reach us on [email protected].

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