Test Recovery Seed Backups

Always Test Your Recovery Seed Backups

By testing, you’ll make sure that your backups are correct, that you didn’t make any mistake when writing your seed down, and that they will work when needed.

The recovery seed test is a one-time process that doesn’t take much time.

Choose if you want to test your recovery seed by using a second hardware wallet or an official testing recovery tool.

Seed Test by Using a Second Hardware Wallet

Although it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend buying a second hardware wallet.

Not only you can test your recovery seed backup by recovering the seed on this second hardware wallet, but you can also store the second wallet in a different location.

Then, if something happens to your HOUSE A (flood, fire), you have always immediate access to your second hardware wallet stored in HOUSE B.

Seed Test by Using an Official Testing Recovery Tool

You can simulate the real recovery process by using an official testing recovery tool.

This process is often called as a dry-run recovery or a recovery check.

Read the official documentation below to learn how to proceed with these checks.

Trezor wallet: Dry-run recovery

Ledger wallet: Recovery check

Note: Be careful and make sure that you are using the official testing tool. Never type your recovery seed words directly on your computer keyboard. Always use the hardware wallet when entering your seed words.

Do Not Forget to Test Your Passphrase

If you enabled a passphrase on your hardware wallet and the passphrase is part of your backup, you also need to test that the passphrase backup is correct.

Open your hardware wallet account using your passphrase backup to make sure your passphrase backup is correct and that you can access your funds with it.

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