What is the Waiting Period?

What is the Waiting Period?

You set the waiting period, and we ask you to reset it regularly.

We’ll wait for a specified length of time from your last reset before we send your recovery emails to your trusted contacts.

This period is called the waiting period.

Resetting Your Waiting Period

Once you set up your waiting period in your Seedcret account, you’ll see the remaining time as shown below.

What Happens Once Your Waiting Period is Over

Before the end of your waiting period, you’ll start receiving email requests to reset your waiting period (see table below for exact timing).

We’ll send you one reset request every day until you either reset your period or until the period is over.

If you don’t reset, we’ll send all of the recovery emails you prepared to your trusted contacts once your waiting period is over.

In the below table, you can see how long before the end of your waiting period you’ll start receiving reset requests based on the length of your waiting period.

Alternative Waiting Period with Google Inactive Manager

You can also schedule your waiting period with Google Inactive Account Manager if you prefer.

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