When We Will Send Recovery Email to Your Trusted Contact?

How the Recovery Process Works

Once your waiting period is over, we’ll send recovery email with First Part Form to your trusted contact.

Using both passphrase and the recovery seed, your trusted contact will be able to access your digital assets.

What If My Trusted Contact Will Not Receive the Recovery Email?

Your trusted contact will receive the recovery email once your waiting period is over.

However, if you want to have extra peace of mind, you can also schedule a redundant recovery email backup using Google Inactive Account Manager.

What If My Trusted Contact Will Receive the Recovery Email Earlier?

Before we’ll send your recovery email to your trusted contact, you’ll get multiple requests to reset your waiting period.

As long as you keep resetting your waiting period regularly, your trusted contact will not receive the recovery email.

You can also store your recovery seed in executor’s hands.

As your trusted contact needs both recovery seed and passphrase to access your digital assets and your executor will only handover recovery seed to your trusted contact once you are not here, you don’t need to worry anymore.

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