Why Choose Seedcret to Protect Your Recovery Seed?


Reason #1: Zero Trust Security

We never ask you for your recovery seed or other sensitive data.

It remains 100% under your control and offline as official Trezor blog recommends.

Because of this, even if we’re hacked, your digital assets will not be put at risk and remain safe.

Reason #2: Simplicity

We love the simplicity and we are avoiding too complicated strategies which tend to mistakes.

Simple backups and recovery plans save your time and prevent mistakes.

It helps to understand and trust your plan.

Reason #3: Independence and Reliability

Security is a process. Not a product.

We are not building a service that makes you dependent (on our service) and limits you.

Rather our aim is to help you to make sure that your backups and recovery plan are set up correctly and will work independently on our service if needed.

Reason #4: Flexibility

You can choose to protect your recovery seed either with passphrase protection or randomized list protection (advanced).

Reason #5: Anonymity and Privacy

We respect privacy and thus allow you to enjoy our service in anonymity.

You don’t need to share personal data, photo ID, or anything else.

The only obligatory details are your nickname and and email which is used to create your account.

Reason #6: Third Party Verification Option

You can optionally store your offline recovery seed backup (without the passsphrases!) to your executor (lawyer, notary or trusted friend) and use the executor as a third party verification.

Then, your executor will try to contact you before handing over the offline backup to your trusted contacts who are in possession of the passphrase.

Reason #7: Regular Reminders and Checks

Schedule reminders to check your backups regularly and make sure that no backups were lost or destroyed. Reminders also protect you from forgetting about your backups later in the future.

Reason #8: Activity Reports

With regular reminders, your trusted contacts check regularly, that they still have the backup you handed over to them and that they did not forget about the recovery process works.

Then, in the activity report, you will see when/whether your trusted contacts checked their backups.

Reason #9: Step by Step Guide and Knowledge Base

See step by step guide to learn how you can set up your recovery plan.

You can also use our knowledge base to answer your questions.

Reason #10: Demo

if you want to check the Seedcret app right away proceed to the login page and use email [email protected] and password demo to sign in.

Reason #11: Support Happy to Help

We are always happy to help you with anything!

Just reach us at [email protected].

Also please leave us your article related comments through the form placed at the end of each article page.

For general feedback on Seedcret service as a whole, please use this feedback form.

We will appreciate any feedback (especially the negative one) and use it as a source for further improvements.

Reason #12: Pricing

We think everybody should be able to protect their digital assets.

Therefore we want to keep Seedcret free to use and widely accessible.

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