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Feature 1#: Notifications on balance change

Besides the standard email notification on a balance change, this feature also offers a great security improvement for your recovery seed backups.

If someone finds your recovery seed backup and steals your coins from empty passphrase/original seed-only account, we'll send you email notification immediately.

Once notified, you can move your funds from your main passphrase protected account to a new, safe wallet.

Feature 2#: Mainnet and swap alerts

When a project decides to launch its own mainnet, it is important to migrate the existing tokens from the residing blockchain to the mainnet.

Missing the mainnet may cause a complete asset loss.

With Seedcret, you can enable mainnet alerts, so we'll send you the alert email in advance to protect your funds.

Feature 3#: Additional inheritors

The purpose of this feature is to protect your digital assets against a loss in case the "first level inheritor" will not be able to access your digital assets for any reasons.

Additional inheritors will be contacted only if the "first layer inheritor" will not confirm that they successfully accessed your digital assets.

Feature 4#: Send me again, send me somewhere else

Your trusted contacts might miss your recovery email due to a technical issue on their email provider side. Or they might delete the recovery email by accident.

With "Send me again" feature, your trusted contacts will be able to request delivering the recovery email repeatedly.

Similarly, with "Send me somewhere else" feature, your trusted contacts will be able to request delivering the recovery email to other email address. This might be useful in case their email provider disabled their original email addresses, or they lost the access to it.

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