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Feature #1: Decentralization

Never trust another third-party with your cryptocurrencies! Not even us.

We're working on a decentralized solution to make your recovery plan 100% independent from Seedcret. In the meantime, we suggest that you use Google Inactive Account Manager as a backup solution.

Feature #2: Second-level contacts

This feature is designed to protect your digital assets against a loss in case your first-level trusted contact is not able to access the assets for any reason.

We'll send your recovery emails to second-level contacts only if the first-level contacts do not confirm that they have successfully accessed your digital assets until a certain time after your waiting period is over.

Feature #3: Validators

Before sending recovery emails to your contacts, the validators that you chose (family, friends, lawyer) will be contacted. They'll try to reach you and remind you to reset your waiting period to prevent your recovery emails from being sent.

You can also allow validators to postpone the sending of your recovery emails.

Feature #4: Send me again

Trusted contacts might miss your recovery email due to a technical issue on their email provider side, or they might delete the recovery email by accident.

With "Send me again" feature, your trusted contacts will be able to request repeated deliveries of the recovery email.

Feature #5: Secondary contact info

You'll be able to add secondary email addresses for yourself and your trusted contacts. Mobile phone numbers will also be supported.

This ensures that important messages will be delivered even if the primary contact is out of order.

Feature #6: Alerts

You can set multiple email alerts for you and/or your trusted contacts in case your trusted contacts are not confirming their backups.

Feature #7: Backup management

With multiple offline backups stored in different locations, it is useful to have a simple app to handle your backup management.

This app will help you keep track when proceeding with your regular backup checks, and it will remind you if you haven't checked your backups in a while.

Feature #8: Notifications on balance change

If someone finds your recovery seed backup and steals your coins from an empty passphrase/original seed-only account, we'll send you email notification immediately.

Once notified, you can move your funds from your main passphrase-protected account to a new, safe wallet.

Learn more on how the passphrase works.

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